andrea_Pugiotto_Photographer-Yangtze River

Yangtze River

The Yangtze River is the fatherland to one third of the Chinese population and it shows how different lives and cultures live together along its banks.
The "Yangtze River" photo-reportage is a work in which I wanted to tell the deep relationship between Chinese popolutation and this huge river, starting from Shanghai until the Three Gorges Dam, flowing through the cities of Wuhan and Yichang.
A really incredible cohabitation, for instance, between swimmers who cross the river without any fear, swimming near enormous merchant ships, taking the most of streams; they meet all together in the evening, under the first bridge built on the Yangtze, celebrating the union of its banks.
In Wuhan there are also some fake beaches, where new generations pass their holidays simulating a typical western summer day, with beach umbrellas, lifeguards, deck chairs etc…
Many Chinese tourists visit the Three Gorges Dam (the biggest Asian dam), in order to celebrate their patriotism.
Indeed, the aim of this photo-reportage is to describe the brotherhood and the patriotism inspired by the Yangtze River and its importance for the people's everyday life.

Self Production Photographic reportage from Shanghai to the Three Gorges Dam, passing through the cities of Wuhan and Yichang.