Andrea_Pugiotto_Photographer-Naples SS162DIR

Naples SS162DIR

SS162DIR is a fast-moving main road built through the metropolitan city of Naples, Southern Italy. It is 16-kilometer long, the project started in order to create a main traffic artery which could link the city center to the inland areas and the main motorways.  
I often visit Naples, because of its unique feeling of loss and revenge, its colorful people and for the landscape full of nostalgia. I think SS162DIR fully embodies this atmosphere, because it does not only surround the city, but it perfectly fits in it, it has a deep connection with people and buildings, as a sort of melancholic, twisty giant. 
It is an imperfect abuse which perfectly matches the territory of Naples, full of contradictions and so spontaneously integrated.
It is part of the real soul of Naples, while it is crushing with violence into it.

Self Production Photographic reportage around Naples SS162DIR