01 - Isola di Sant'Erasmo  2011


The Venice Lagoon is a portion of the Northern Adriatic Sea that encompasses an archipelago consisting of approximately sixty major and minor islands - some of which are private - surrounded by water and dredged canals.

The island territory is never still, it evolves: the relentless erosion of the land by the waves - be they natural or man-made - together with the rising sea level and global warming, are constantly reducing the surface of dry land, eating up and chipping away at its foundations.

Much like its land, the man of the Lagoon is also slowly disappearing, in a gradual exodus that draws him away from the islands and from Venice itself, to move to the neighboring mainland areas, not only due to the higher opportunities, but also in reference to the inexorable disappearing of his land.

However, a part of its population does not give in to time and water, and still lives on the islands, becoming one with the territory and, in some way, an island itself.

Hence the purpose of the photo reportage: to describe and tell the reality of the Lagoon through a slow traveling discovery of some of its islands, just by sailing on a small private boat in order to be granted access to those minor islands, some of which are otherwise inaccessibile, while others disappear and re-emerge as the tide comes in and goes out.