Population density: windy. Earth and wind and wind turbines are equally distributed for each citizen. Houses are built around large windows, taking in as much light as possible, as if they could to stock it up for the winter.

However, what’s really fascinating is the puzzling diversity of the landscape: from Copenhagen, typical Northern European capital, neat and anonymously pretty, where literally everybody go jogging, to Christiania, a bold and messed-up godforsaken sociopolitical experiment where simply three rules are enforced: Don’t run. No photo. Have fun.

Just a couple bridges away and you’re overwhelmed by the warm, joyful Jutland sunsets and a few scattered windmills; keep traveling northbound, up to the northernmost point of the country: Skagen, a Cape North wannabe, maybe; a long smiling crescent of sand ending up where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea.

Head south now, along the the western coast: fjords, woods and massive flocks of birds wherever you lay your eyes upon. This is where surfers live in Denmark, on their beloved jagged windy coast. Klitmoller is a pebbly beach where pebbles are pitted by the water and the wind, resembling tribal masks to be hung on the wall, like scalps of defeated enemies.